10 Worship Songs I Sing While Getting Ready

Admit it— you sing into your hairbrush while getting ready too.

So, my first summer class ended about two weeks ago so I was able to switch my work schedule around in order to lead worship at Uncommon. A guy in my Psych 320 class invited me and my friend to lead there. I don’t really know how to describe it because Uncommon isn’t really a bible study or a church service. It’s just a place created for people to experience Jesus. On Monday I led there for the first time with 2 others I had never met before and it was magical. Caitlynn and Stephen have a passion for worship that I cannot explain, and I love how we just went through the night and saw where the songs took us rather than having a specific plan to adhere to. It was complete spirit led worship, and seeing the response was so humbling. Afterwards, the three of us were invited to go back this Monday and our coordinator posted this on Facebook:

So we all agreed to go back, and now are so excited for what God is going to do.

I feel like a piece of me is complete again because I just love worship so much and waste so much time playing worship songs on the piano or belting them into my hairbrush. I’m so happy that now I get to share what I love with others again for the next month before I head off to college. I’m so grateful that I had waited for the right time and place to lead worship because I knew it would come, and I’m so happy it’s at Uncommon for this season. I love being on keys because it allows me to sing as loud as I do while getting ready without having to worry about what I sound like. And everything about that ministry just blows me away: from the love and support everyone has for each other, to the passion everyone has for seeking out Jesus.

Anyways, this opportunity has allowed me to learn a lot of new songs and has gotten me even more excited about many of the songs I already know. There are a lot of new songs that I love too, so I just wanted to share some of the ones have been on my heart in no particular order.

1. Defender – Rita Springer

The bridge of this song gets me every time.

When I thought I lost me

you knew where I left me

you reintroduced me to your love

You picked up all my pieces

put me back together

you are the defender of my heart…

This song is about how God fights for us, and it is so powerful.

2. Pursue – Hillsong Worship

We are playing this one on Monday and I’m so excited. This song is just an outcry of desire, surrender, and trust.

“Lead me to you

Forever Lord I will pursue

I will pursue

You’ve won my heart

Jesus you’re all that I want…”


3. Touch of Heaven – Hillsong Worship

I quoted this song in my last post. I love the line, “Lord I will open up again, throw my fears into the wind…” because going after God’s call for your life is scary. This song highlights sheer willingness and obedience. When we are so in love with Jesus, there is no fear. And when we are so in love with Him that all we want is to go after Him, we can see him do what only He can do.

4. I Am No Victim – Kristine DiMarco

I just love this song so much. This is a song that I want to be declaring over myself every day. It’s a huge declaration of how good God is, and how we are defined by Him rather than our scars or pasts.

5. Sing My Way Back – Steffanny Gretzinger

This song is what I was singing on repeat every day when I had just graduated high school and felt super lost. It highlights embracing the whole journey, the beauty and the pain, and how all of that beauty creates a unique story for our lives. I love the line in the bridge, “another story wouldn’t do,” because it emphasizes that there couldn’t be a better story for each of our personal lives because God has handcrafted each one so perfectly.

6. In Over My Head – Jenn Johnson

This is a song to sing when you’ve come to a place in life that is just so good that all you want to do is worship and chase after God even more. I love so many of the lines in here.

“Would you come and tear down the boxes

that I have tried to put you in

Let love come teach me who you are again…”

This song I feel like just captures an encounter with God. It captures the moment when God crashes over you and you find yourself in the place you’re supposed to be and are just completely awestruck by Him. No matter where you are, when God meets you, it is going to be powerful. This song just highlights that moment of surrender.

7. Letting Go – Stefanny Gretzinger

This song is such a beautiful, chill song that a leader sent me. After I listened to it, I texted these lyrics to so many people. It’s a song that accepts that life has been hard, but when we fall into Jesus, we can begin to let it go.

I confess I still get scared sometimes

But perfect love comes rushing in

and all the lies screamed inside go silent

the moment you begin..”

8. Freedom – Kim Walker Smith

This song is a get-up-and-start-dancing kind of song. I’m just obsessed with it. I heard it for the first time at a conference before it came out.

“Dance like the weight has been lifted

Grace is waiting for you…”

9. Tremble – Mosaic

This is a song that I will sing when I’m afraid or feel like I don’t have peace about something. It just proclaims how God is greater than the storms around us and in us.


10. Center of Your Love – Kim Walker Smith

For our last song, I’m ending with this one. This song is about how God is more than enough. In a world that tells us we are never enough, I just love singing this song and think it’s so powerful. It’s yet another song declaring how good God is. The thought of being made for the center of God’s love is just so enthralling.

That’s a wrap here! I’m going to keep letting these all sink into my life whether I’m playing them for people or just singing them as I get ready. Let me know your favorite songs down below and what you think of these! =)


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