Hi friends!!!

I’m Lea, a 22 year-old gal currently getting her masters in education at Stanford University. 16 year old me made this in hopes that others may encounter the love of God, which continues to completely transform and heal my life. 

Welcome to my lifetime vulnerability project! It is mostly unedited, so please don’t come for me if you find typos. Although having very raw stories and encounters from literally my whole life since junior year of high school on the internet freaks me out a little, I truly believe that putting this out there is worth it. I do my best to honor the boundaries of people who I write about while also still keeping it as real as possible. This blog is the opposite of a highlight reel, and I hope to normalize all the deep feels and break any cycles of perfectionistic generational trauma by exploring the raw and deep. I often go back and read my posts from high school and undergrad because I tend to forget what God has done in my life, and I also tend to struggle with the same things in different ways through each season. Like a mentor of mine has said, life is like a spring. It sometimes feels like you’re going in a circle and are struggling with the same things over and over, but from the top view we’re still going up!

Some more random facts about me:

  • I used to live with 7 other gals in a ministry home and they have taught me to be brave with my life
  • I used to be an EMT, a biochemistry major, and I used to be pre-med
  • I spent 5 quarters teaching a support class for first-generation, low income, students of color at UC Davis and this was one of the greatest joys of my life!
  • I was born with a severe skin condition, but God healed the worst of it!
  • I majored in Biological Psychology with minors in dance and education at UC Davis. Psychology and Neuroscience are huge passions of mine. The complexity of how our brains are wired demonstrate how much we should appreciate what our brains do for us.

My main hobbies are dancing, belting worship music into my hairbrush while getting ready, and going to the dog park by myself.

I love to write because that is how I process my memories. When I’m out living, I feel like I have so much to write about. When I’m writing, I feel like I have so much to live for. Sometimes I get to the end of something I’ve written and I know what it was all about, and other times I haven’t solved anything. But at least then I have another entry about that thing.

fullsizerender 16

Welcome to my thought dance pursuing the One who created me.

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